Agriculture of the past wasted nothing : Food, textiles, building materials were grown then regrown.  To provide for a healthy world.

Our Non-Profit Vision

The idea that our past can help guide our future is not new but does serve to remind us that sustainable agriculture was indeed economically feasible and forms the basis of a modern intelligence driven approach today. We will depend more on the relation and symbiosis of small farm and value added communities. Aina Design Corp. works exclusively on food-focused projects with peri-urban communities. Hawaii’s departure from large scale and mono crop agriculture signals a new beginning of smart growth and resource management. Planned increases in food production through integrated farm systems  and value added processes will be based on a new paradigm of regional food systems.  One that minimizes waste but dynamically manages various waste streams for productive use. 


Key Developments

Food Label Safety Tracking

Iot Process Planning

Micro Food Processing