Community Matters.

0 Zero Waste in Agrobiodiversity

Issues of dwindling regional food and energy resources require new paradigms of phased agricultural development.

Agrobiodiversity is a process of regeneration resulting from a broad array of relations across domains. Relations between rural and urban communities will be required to leverage new technologies that connect us to our sources of food and more. To start, communities of growers and producers establish local domains of practical knowledge contributing to our understanding of global ecologies. We challenge the current norms of our food supply chains through discovery of new relations where living, learning, working, and playing are inseperable.

Mokunet is a platform for entrepreneurs, acedemia, government and creative innnovators engaged in plant based product development tailored for their chosen communities.

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Creative fundraising for regenerative farm development should be seamless and reward those communities that are a source of knowledge and wisdom who feel obligated to share their stories.