2021 Plant-Based Product Development Planning
Peri Urban Landscape
Regenerate Agricultural Systems



Peri Urban Recycling
Rural Urban Resource Connections

Concept Phase: Mokunet Food System Development
Place: Hawaii Islands

Rural + Urban Connection

Total Moku.Badges > 1.4 million citizens

Peri Urban Waste to Profit
Plant Based Product Development

Concept Phase: Mokunet Food System Development
Place: Hawaii Islands

Agricultural Land Activity

Start moku.AG+acreage: 1.1 million acres

Peri Urban Waste to Profit
Carbon Sequestering Activities

Use Case
bGood Regenerative Farmers
Waimanalo, Oahu

worforce.number: 6

farm.acreage: 20

Agribusiness: Food Innovation Hub
Kaakako, Oahu

worforce.number: 12

facility.type: Food Processing

Peri Urban B-B Relations

Strategic Food Hub Development


AG+FoodHub Development ♲

❬ Assess : Monitor : Manage ❭

Edge-Cloud Architecture : Intelligent farm endpoints

AG+Carbon Drawback ♲

❬ Grow : Harvest : Sequester ❭

Machine Learning : Training for soil and climate effects


Building Trust in Regenerative Agriculture

Support ecological based design research.. (concept development)

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