Peri Urban Waste to Profit
Rural Urban Resource Connection

Food System Development: 'Rural' + 'Urban'


Place: Hawaii Islands

Phase: 'Mokunet Food System Governance'

n. District, island, islet, section, forest, grove, clump, severed portion, fragment, cut, laceration, scene in a play. (PPN motu.)

Peri Urban Recycling
Rural Urban Resource Connections

Concept Phase: Mokunet Food System Development
Place: Hawaii Islands

Urban Development

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Peri Urban Waste to Profit
Plant Based Product Development

Design Phase: Regenerative Farming
Place: Hawaii Islands

Agricultural Land Activities

start moku.AG+FarmAcreage: 1.1 million acres

AG+Tech Development ♲

❬ Assess : Design : Manage ❭

AG+Carbon Drawback ♲

❬ Grow : Harvest : Trace ❭

Machine Learning Soil and Plant Libraries for Climate Effect Training

Building and Maintaining Trust for Short Supply Chains

Digital Innovations for Regenerative Plant Product Development

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